REWINS Questionnaire for Coaches Examining the Attitudes Towards Female Participation in Football
In collaboration with FARE Network Ltd, Polisportiva San Precario, & Girl Power Organisation, Organization
Earth is implementing a social inclusion project fostering integration of refugee women.

The project aims to promote a positive attitude towards refugee women in sports, to identify refugees'
barriers and good practices of participation in local sport activities, support the provision of sporting activities and provide opportunities for refugee women at grassroots sport level (i.e futsal), while promoting a transferable methodology based on the findings.

The collected data will be treated in the strictest confidentiality and is only for the purpose of the
programme. The present questionnaire should be completed by coaches.

Date of Birth
Educational Background
Certificate of Coaching
Have you ever trained a female team?
If yes, which of the following(s) apply to your experience?
If no, please provide us with the reason(s):
According to your opinion, which challenges/barriers do coaches (both males and females) face when training female athletes? (Please check as much as you prefer)
According to your opinion, which steps should be followed in order for female participation to be enhanced? (Please check as much as you prefer)
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