A new rewards and cash back app that save you big bucks. You get free money for answering short surveys, rating a product, or writing a review of a product you brought. The app works when you link an account, whether that's your credit card, debit card or your pay-pal account. It's your choice and we will never read or share your information without your consent. Your security & privacy is our highest priority.
Please answer this short survey below, your response is anonymous, we are eager to read your response. As always "Your opinion is worth a million". p.s this is just a school project.
Which gift cards do you like? Select all that apply.
How old are you?
How often do you shop for groceries on a given week?
List any ways you have earned free money or a discount in the past year.
Have you ever use Groupon, Ibotta, Ebates, or any other rebates or cash back app or webiste in the past.?
If you answered other/using a different app, please write the name of the app or site below.
Your answer
Do you own a credit card, a debit card, or have a Paypal account? Check all that apply
Would you give the app permision to read purchases you made using your credit card, debit card or paypal account
Please check below any items you have brought in the past 2 weeks. Check all that applies.
Would you answer a survey for free money?
Would you write a product review for free money?
Would you give the app access to your location?This is to know which stores you shop at.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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