Quickino #12 @ c-base space station
Here is the registration for the collaborative filmworkshop Quickino, happening from 4th - 7th of January 2023 in Berlin. It's about making short movies (length from 30s up to 6,5 minutes) in 4 days time. No previous experience required! If you want to make a movie or help at a film set or you are into editing, you are welcome to take part. All you need, is love and: motivation to co-operate, beeing flexible and open minded in your film concept, be open to share your equipment (as you decide to) and your skills (could be musical, artistic, arctistic, technical or whatever).
This time Quickino will happen on the very beginning of the year, before things start again to be normal.
Kinolab - the place, where we meet, create the stories, edit them and screen is in c-base Spacestation in the city center of Berlin. Respect the place, dont enter the areas which are only for members and dont shoot anyone without permission (beside the Kino people)! No discrimination of anyone. Welcome to the kino family and have fun!

allround 20€ (its 5€ a day for vegan/vegetarian/not vegetarian breakfast 10-12am, badge and some other expenses)
just one day 5€
c-base members - gratis

Wed 4.1. from 12:00-15:00 building the kinolab in c-base
                16:00 Production meeting in the big Hall, after bulding of groups, discussing ideas and plans till 24:00
Thu  5.1. from 10:00 Breakfast, prepare for the shooting, find your music/sound, editing till 24:00
Fri    6.1. from 10:00 Breakfast, after go shooting, come back and edit the whole night!
Sat   7.1. from 10:00 Breakfast, last shootings, finish the editing, ad the music, ad subtitles, export and
                           20:00 prepare SCREENING
                           21:00 start of MOVIE SCREENING and afterparty till dawn

Eva +49 17638787112 (WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal)
Eva Gyulaiova (fb)
gyulaiova@yahoo.com, quickinokabaret@gmail.com
Sina Fenner +49 17622077788

Rungestraße 20, 10179 Berlin

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