Eclectic Endeavors Geeky Education Scholarship Fund Application
This form is to be used by individuals applying for funds from the Eclectic Endeavors Geeky Education Scholarship Fund. This application will be open until January 31, 2019. On February 1, 2019 the application will close and our Eclectic Endeavors Officers will meet to review applicants. Our plan is to announce awardees by the end of March so that funds can be distributed to the schools in the applicants name by the first week of April 2019 or the following enrollment term. Details will be worked out with the student and the school.

All information provided through this application will be held in utmost privacy. Only the Officers of Eclectic Endeavors will have access to review information provided. No information will be shared outside of the 5 EE Officers.

If you have questions about this application please email

I am not a member myself nor an immediate family member of Eclectic Endeavors staff or Springfield Regional Arts Council staff. *
Members of Eclectic Endeavors staff, Springfield Regional Arts Council staff and their immediate family are ineligible to receive scholarship funds.
The answers and information I'm providing are accurate and truthful. *
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