Tufts University Employer Virtual Engagement Activity
Thank you for your sharing your experiences with virtual recruiting in Fall 2020! This has been a unique time for all as we adapted to a new online space for programming and engagement.

As always, we like to invite employers to engage with Tufts students throughout the semester for high-impact, value-added events that are beneficial to both you, the employer, and the students. We welcome your feedback and experiences from Fall to see what types of virtual engagement worked well and what you may be restructuring for Spring 2021 recruitment. Your responses to not have to be unique to your experience recruiting at Tufts.

From the completed/submitted responses we will be drawing a winner who will receive FREE Registration to the Tufts Virtual Spring Fair of their choice!!

Please feel free to reach out at any time with questions!

Misha D'Andrea, Recruiting Coordinator, Employer Relations at Tufts Career Center
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