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teaMORI = everyone that works on weMORI stuff hands-on. That includes our volunteers, paid staff and advisors.

Volunteers are the ENGINE of our work. They're the background superstars that help us move forward.

Please answer a few questions for us, and we'll get back to you ASAP!

Teamwork makes the dream work. We're excited for you to join us πŸŽ‰πŸ•ΊβœŠ
But before that... do you have questions for us?
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πŸ™‹β€β™€οΈFAQ πŸ™‹
Contact joanna@wemori.org if you still need help.
#1 What are the different teams? Who are the members? What do they do?
Raising funds to keep our operations going. The crux of our work. We check in weekly to review progress, identify tasks, and delegate. We also brainstorm ways weMORI can fundraise, conduct research, and contact targets together. Assisted by experienced advisors.

γ€€> Members: Ian, Alex, Riccardo, Joanna, Satoshi, Jill, Hiro, Christian
γ€€> Wanted: +2 members to help with research, outreach & grant writing
γ€€> Note: Guaranteed you will learn a lot from being in this team (looking at you students).

Connecting with the world through instagram & facebook. Work spans from creating monthly content calendar to writing captions & posting. The lovely Risako & Katrin form the core, but the team also works closely with Ian, Joanna & Alex. A new team -- a fun place to jump in, for sure!

γ€€> Members: Risako and Katrin ( + support from Joanna, Ian & Alex)
γ€€> Wanted: +1~2 members to help Risako & Katrin plan & post
γ€€> Note: designer to create assets in high demand!

Events & podcasts are powerful ways to reach people, so we want to create a NEW team devoted to those things. The team will brainstorm, plan & host events, and (probably) have quick weekly meetings to keep in sync. Will be a great opportunity to meet people and definitely lots of fun.

γ€€> Members: Ian + searching
γ€€> Wanted: +2~4 members for all things
γ€€> Note: Audio / video editing skill would be AWESOME to have!

Creating written content to share through the app & weBLOG. Written content is the most important way we connect with the world. The biggest and most diverse teaMORI group with lots of support. Roles are divided into writers & editors.

γ€€> Members: Joanna, Riccardo, Debby, Kenny, Suzi, Maud, Maciej, Maria (+ Ian & Alex support)
γ€€> Wanted: More the merrier :)
γ€€> Note: Great opportunity to expand your knowledge

We would love to create more visual content, and our capacity here is short now. Looking for designers that can give us the aesthetic appeal we need to be loved. Design team will be collaborating with other teams.

γ€€> Members: Alex + searching
γ€€> Wanted: More creative power the better.
γ€€> Note: We have a brand book & selection of templates so 'foundational' stuff has been done.

There's a lot going on in the world, and not enough time to keep up. Having an army of researchers to keep us up to date with the most recent, relevant affairs, and respond to research requests from other teams would give us so much knowledge & power! So we want to start building up.

γ€€> Members: Ian, Riccardo
γ€€> Wanted: More brains the better
γ€€> Note: You'll be working with all other teams, and definitely get a lot smarter
#2 How do volunteers work in teaMORI?
We treat everybody involved in weMORI as professionals capable of handling real responsibilities. Volunteers join teams and work closely with other volunteers and paid staff. We like to keep things tight and effective so we can soar the skies 🦜

For example, at the fundraising team, we have weekly check-ins where we review our progress and allocate new tasks. As a team, we move important stuff forward, like grant applications, corporate research, and so on, together.

Each team is a mix of paid staff, advisors, and volunteers.

Once you're a part of teaMORI, you're counted on as a reliable comrade. We communicate on slack, support each other whenever possible, and learn together!

At times it may be demanding, but the work is fulfilling, and we have a lot of fun. There's nothing like working towards a shared vision with a team of committed individuals.

We can't wait for you to join us πŸ˜†
#3 How much time is expected / week?
Anything, really! Your involvement can be adjusted based on your availability and capacity πŸ™‚
#4 Can I be an intern?
Sure! Right now, we use 'volunteer' interchangeably with 'intern'. The title is less important to us than the actual collaboration that happens. We are happy for you to list weMORI as an 'internship' in your CV / resume, and with prior notice, paid staff (Ian / Alex / Joanna / Suppie) will be happy to write a recommendation letter.
#5 Does it matter how old I am, where I'm based, etc?
Nope. Anyone is welcome πŸ™
#6 How do we NOT work in teaMORI?
To protect the world's forests takes a lot of work! That's why, we really value respectful, effective teamwork. We treat EVERYBODY involved as professionals, and expect promises to be fulfilled πŸ™‚

We generally follow the three strike rule: if we don't get a response 3 times in a row AND/OR if promises (like important deadlines) are broken 3 times in a row, we remove people from the team.

We believe good teamwork is an art! So we do what's necessary to keep the team tight, motivated, and effective 🌳
Thank you 😊 and see you soon!
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