Oregon Honey Festival May 18 2019
Event Location: Ashland, Oregon
Contact us at 541.951.5595

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We are seeking exhibitors with a Bee, Honey, Hive, Mead, Agricultural, Gardening, Food Sovereignty, Pollinator, Ecological or Environmental connection who are interested in educating the public about how their product or activity relates to a sustainable environment.

Fees are $25 for Non-profits, $35 for Beekeepers/Honey Producers, $40 for other Vendors and $150 for those Vendors producing Alcohol, which includes the cost of certain licenses and fees.

You will be confirmed as an exhibitor after we send you an agreement that you ratify and pay the exhibitor fee via our billing through PayPal.

The Festival Exhibit starts at 10 AM on May 18, 2019 and the facility will be open from 8-10 for setup.

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