Sozo Networks (Volunteers form)
Hello, You are welcome to the Sozo Network's online registration platform for volunteers. Please note that this is for emerging youth innovators, civic leaders and community developers who are between 20 and 30 years with keen interest in our areas of work. We believe you have visited our website: to know more about us.

Also note that our volunteer period is one year. Completing this form will mean that you are ready to work with us for one year. During this 12 months period, you will be expected to contribute to our work significantly, develop a leadership development plan, lead a small unit, participate in project planning and implementation, mentor at least two teenagers, participate in at least 3 professional development workshops, read 4 books and develop and lead an initiative of your choice.

This application process would help us know how valuable you'll be to our work and vice versa.
You are also expected to supply the information required accurately and sincerely, as integrity is one of our core values.

If selected, you will become a member of our vibrant network. You will also have access to personal and professional development opportunities that will transform your life.
Kindly contact us at in case of any difficulty.

Please read up some importance of volunteering here:

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