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Application opening May 15, 2017 and closing July 30, 2017

Teach for the Future Fellowship is a grassroots organization of likeminded educators who commit to learn more about the creative enterprises and industries that exist in our local community. The fellowship is a yearlong program to connect educators with entrepreneurs and innovators. Through the fellowship, educators learn to use entrepreneurial frameworks to inspire innovation in their classrooms. Unlike other professional development opportunities, it is locally based and creates a network between educators, schools, and communities. We empower educators to teach students to think differently.

Accepted educators will attend a series of events focused on entrepreneurism in tangent with break-out sessions from leaders in education to share ideas and generate new thoughts around the purposes and potentials of a school and educating our students for their future.

Fellows will develop a network of colleagues to brainstorm and collaborate with around the future of teaching and learning. Fellows have the opportunity to establish a network of entrepreneurs who are able to open up the possibilities of what school can and should be to prepare our students for their present and future potential.

Accepted fellows will receive an acceptance notification in late June and asked to commit by early August to begin the fellowship in September 2017.

For questions or more information, please email Kelley Waldron at waldronk@saintschool.com
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