Career Launcher 2017 Application
Remark: Career Launcher is a paid program
Full program per person 15,000 THB
Full program per two persons 25,000 THB

Career Launcher 2017 Application is starting NOW! Before you start the process please make sure that you read the message.
At Career Launcher we are aiming to meet people who have founder's potential. This summer we will train 30 individuals on practical professional skills and also an opportunity to work in a leading startup in Thailand. But we believe in training the candidate who has the right attitude. We will be requiring you to share with us the following information.

1. Your personal profile
2. Online resume link or Linkedin profile
3. Essay of 250-300 words or 2-minute video answering one of these question.
3.1 "About the time that you start something from scratch"
3.2 "When you start something against of what most people believe"
3.3 "Why should you be selected to join Career Launcher program?"
3.4. "How would Career Launcher impact your future?"
4. Skill development
5. Scholarship interest & Contribution

In this application process we will be asking you to post the link to item 2& 3. So please prepare those items beforehand.

What is Career Launcher?
A summer program that equip you the skills,knowledge, and network to start your own business from the people who have already done it. The program integrates between a boot camp to train you up and a real venture career simulation that put you in a startup company

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