Rose Hill United Methodist Church
Safe Sanctuary Test
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Why does a church need Safe Sanctuary policy?
To whom does the local "safe sanctuary" policy apply:
Must all persons that work with children/youth renew their Safe Sanctuary training every two years?
Who is responsible for conducting reference checks and criminal background checks on the workers children or youth?
What criminal acts are a deterrent to acting as a Volunteer with children/youth?
What is required to drive children/youth?
If a child needs to use the restroom as a volunteer are you allowed to go into bathroom alone with the child?
If a child misbehaves is a Volunteer allowed to spank the child?
Regarding supervision for nursery/childcare at a local, conference or district event, how many providers are required per room?
If at any time you see that proper supervision is not in place or if there is a violation of the policy what should you do?
What form is needed to be filled out in case of an incident?
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How important is confidentiality is a situation that involves others?
What should you do if something serious happens and the Media gets involved?
Does Safe Sanctuary apply to outside groups such as Boy Scouts, 4H, Girls Scouts?
What steps are required to be able to Volunteer with children/youth at Rose Hill UMC
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