Pulse of the Movement "Topics and Voices" Nomination Form
Hey World! To inspire action & transformation for a better world, what are the most TIMELY IDEAS, SOLUTIONS & VOICES to share on Pulse of the Movement Monthly Webcast? Info: http://empowermentworks.org/pulse-of-the-movement.html
Topics! What game-changing solution, story, or break-though idea would you like to see shared?
EXAMPLE: "Protection of natural resources - New policies to level the playing field between people and corporations."
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If proposing a guest... who are you nominating and why?
Tell us about this Guest! What makes you/ them ground-breaking? What country are they located?
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How to reach proposed guest? Email, phone, skype address AND/OR facebook, other?
If someone else, please provide whatever contact you have
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Does leader represent any particular Partner In Empowerment Sector?
Select sector speaker has most expertise in. This is key for diversity of perspective!
Which of the following 7 Stages to Sustainability (7SS) topics do they advance?
Select one or more that apply. This helps us organize content for knowledge bases, and ensure diversity of offerings.
Website, YouTube Speaker Video Link?
references to review/ assess?
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