Community Cheerleader and Relationship Manager Role - let's get started!
HEY! My name is Meagan and I run a kickass Pinterest marketing biz where I support small businesses with learning how to grow their audience using PINTEREST. That's right, all I do is talk about Pinterest. I am looking for an amazing community manager to join my team.
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Tell me about how your past work experience relates to this role?
Tell me about a time that you screwed something up (could be in a job, or personal life).  How did you get it back on track?  What was the final outcome?
We would be working together virtually.  What would you need from me in order to build trust and have open and honest communication?
What would your references say about you?
What concerns do you have about the job?
How do you take your coffee? Tell me about your favourite coffee shop.
What inspires you? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Working from home has its ups and downs.  Tell me how you manage and structure your day?
Scenario:  You are the successful candidate.  We have been working together for 6 weeks, things are going well and you are getting a good handle on your responsibilities. It’s Friday afternoon, around 2 pm  and you are about to go away for the weekend.  Your friend is picking you up at 4 pm.  You realize that you did not finish some work I asked you to work on/complete.  I need it for a training session on Monday. I am tied up in meetings all day, and I am also headed out of town for 2 days.  What do you do?  Please write out the exact email or phone message you would leave for me?
What is something “quirky” and interesting that you love about yourself? (Ie - you are a master gardener, you love to cook, you can still recall every word from the entire Vanilla Ice album, you love a good poetry slamdown)
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