2019-2020 Unit 7 Schools Parent Consent Form (Unity West)
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Field Trips *
I have read and understand the information pertaining to field trips in the handbook. My child has permission to participate and attend field trips sponsored by the school district. District officials are authorized to seek immediate medical attention or assistance at the nearest medical facility, if the need is deemed appropriate.
Use of Internet *
I have read and understand the information in the handbook pertaining to use of computer resources in Unit Seven Schools and agree that it is the responsibility of the student to follow the rules and regulations.
Consent for Photo *
I have read and understand the information pertaining to the consent for disclosure and the use of picture, voice, and name by photograph, videotape, and audiotape. This includes, but is not limited to school and district websites.
Student Handbook *
I have read and understand the contents of the student handbook.
PG Movies *
I have read and understand the information related to viewing PG rated movies from the handbook and consent for my child to view such movies at school.
SMS Text Messages *
I give permission for Unit 7 Schools to send me SMS text messages to provide school and emergency information.
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