Stories to be included in my book "The Courage to Walk Through Walls"
Thank you for taking the time to fill out my questionnaire and be willing to be a part of my book!

MY GOAL: Publish a book by April that represents stories from the whole spectrum of the LGBTQI community to provide a resource for our youth to see that it truly does get better.

BACKGROUND: I came out not once, but twice when I was younger. I wish I had had a resource that I could have turned to that showed me it was okay to struggle and okay to question all things when it came to my sexuality and identity.

-At least one person that represents each one of these letters: LGBTQI
Trans* Man
Trans* Woman

Depending on the response, I may include more than one story for each letter, but I want each one to be equally represented.

-If you want to participate, great! Thank you!
-I will need no more than a TOTAL of 500 words to answer the questions below, you do NOT need to answer each question.
-If you feel very passionate about one question, please feel free to use all 500 words for that one question.
-Please discuss your story and what was memorable about it for you.
-What would you want you to tell yourself knowing what you know now?
-Feel free to go over 500 words if you so choose!
-If you do not, that's okay too!
-Do you know someone that would want to participate?
-Please feel free to send them this form! Any help you can provide me is appreciated!

OTHER THINGS: I will NOT need to use your real name/full name within the book. In fact, all names in my story have been changed to protect the innocent. If that is what is stopping you from participating, please know that I will protect your anonymity.

If you have any questions, please email me at .

How do you identify? *
How old are you?
I only need this information to make sure I have a good representation of different ages. It will not be used in the book
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Contact Information *
Please provide me with the best way to contact you, if you prefer email, phone, social media, etc. Please provide it below. I will be reaching out to all of those who fill out this form. Again, your contact information will not be shared with anyone, and I will protect your privacy if you want to remain anonymous.
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How old were you when you start questioning your sexuality/identity?
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How did you come out?
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Who was the first person you told and why? What was their reaction?
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When did you tell your family? How did they take it?
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Tell me about your first queer crush
Your answer
When was your first real heartbreak?
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When did you "officially" come out? How old were you? Was it public? Was there backlash?
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Who was your biggest supporter through it all?
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If you could have done something differently, what would it be?
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Do you regret it?
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Did you lost any family members or friends?
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Is there a specific moment that stands out the most during your coming out?
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When did you start feeling okay after coming out?
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If you could say one thing to your younger self, what would it be?
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