Active Transportation Cycling Survey
Your answers provide us with a better picture of the state of cycling in our area. We will provide the information to the Active Transportation Plan.
What neighbourhood do you live in?
Provide the ward or the name of your City Councillor
How many bicycles are in your household?
Do you ride your bike...
I feel safe riding my bike on the road...
On a scale of 1-5, how bike friendly do you find Windsor?
To encourage you and your neighbours to ride, what do you believe is needed?
On what streets you would like to see new bike lanes? (provide cross streets)
Your answer
What gaps in the City’s cycling infrastructure would need to be filled to improve your ride or commute? (give specific locations)
Your answer
What are the worst crossing challenges. For example - intersections, trail conflicts, mid-block crossings, commercial driveway conflicts (give specific locations)
Your answer
What do you think are the greatest perceived and physical barriers to cycling?
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List places you would like to see more bicycle parking and/or end of trip facilities (showers, toilets, water)
Your answer
Do you ride on the sidewalk? if yes, why?
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