Living Room Circus - July 27, 2019
Seeking performers and creators! Applications are open for the Summer 2019 edition of Living Room Circus, our quarterly performance showcase for performing artists of all disciplines, focused around the themes of risk, innovation and experimentation. This is a great opportunity to explore a piece that doesn’t fit within mainstream performance opportunities, try out new ideas in front of an audience or experiment with a new challenge.

Audience members at Living Room Circus are invited to give written feedback to the performers, and there will also be an expert panel that will give personalized feedback after the show. (Performers can opt out of receiving feedback.)

We will select a variety of performers, from students brand-new to performing to seasoned professionals. Artistic risk can take a variety of forms; maybe for you it's performing on stage for the first time, working around an intimidating theme or exploring a vulnerable topic or choreographing on a new apparatus,. To be considered, please complete the application below and send in your act by June 19. Acts do not need to be fully polished, but should be safe to perform and have a guiding concept or objective.

We believe circus is multidisciplinary. Any physical performance art is welcome to apply. This could include physical theater, dance, and music.

We will present this edition of Living Room Circus on one night:
Saturday, July 27 at 8pm

All performers must be able to attend a 10 minute tech rehearsal slot on Saturday, July 27 between 3 - 6pm.

Space Details:
Height to aerial rig point is approximately 19'. Up to 4 single rig points are available. One is in the center of stage and has space for small circles/orbiting. Using multiple points for one apparatus (for example static trapeze) is subject to staffing availability and not guaranteed.
Stage dimensions are 37' wide x 20' deep.
Stage floor is cork gym flooring. 2" roll out smooth (not carpet) foam tumbling floor, panel mats and 8 or 12" landing mats are available.
Access to the green room requires one flight of stairs. Subject to rental availability, we may be able to provide a ground floor green room. Bathrooms are located on ground floor.

Artists and Performers new to Circus Project are encouraged to apply! Please take note of our Learning Community Agreements. While designed with our classes in mind, they apply to all events in our space.

Please submit this application by June 19 to be considered. Email with any questions.

This show will be curated by Erica Rubinstein, Circus Project Education Director. Priority will be given to diverse artist representation on stage, act experimentation and self-identified personal risk taking.

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Are you available for a tech rehearsal slot between 3 - 6pm on Saturday, July 27, committed to keeping your act between 1 - 5 minutes long and can set up for your act in 5 minutes or less? *
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What risk or experiment are you taking in your act? How is it experimental or risky for you? *
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Have you performed a version of this act anywhere else? If so, what changes are you making for this show? *
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Would you like feedback from the audience? *
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Does your act contain any language, nudity, content, etc that may not be appropriate for all audiences? We aim to inform our audiences such that they can choose whether the show is a good fit for themselves and/or kids. *
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Please share a link to a 1 - 2 minute video of the act you would like to perform (such as youtube or vimeo) Training videos of works in progress are great! If the video is longer than 2 minutes please direct us to the segment you would like us to watch. Video must be uploaded to a site such as youtube or vimeo. *
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If your act is in its earlier stages, please share your vision for what the completed act would look like for Living Room Circus.
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The following questions are optional and will not be shared outside selection for this show. They will be used help make choices for a diverse performer representation on stage.
How do you describe your ethnic identity (mark all that apply):
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Do you identify within the LGBTQQIP2SAA+ community?
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Are there other identities you would like to share? (for example: visible or invisible disability or how do you describe your gender identity )
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Anything else you would like to share? Do you have any concerns about whether your act can work in our space?
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This is an unpaid performance. Entrance to the show is by donation. Please feel free to invite friends and family. Questions? Please email

The Circus Project strives to provide an atmosphere of safety and creativity in which people feel able to participate, express themselves, and be heard regardless of their gender, race, color, religion, mental or physical diagnosis, national or ethnic origin, social status, age, size, sexual orientation, or gender identification. The Circus Project reserves the right to dismiss any person we feel is a threat to themselves or to the safety of others at any time.
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