NUUC Congregation Survey
Dear Members and Friends of Neighborhood Church:

Welcome to our 2019 Annual Congregational Survey.

The Board of Trustees is elected to represent you and this is an important way to make sure your voice is heard and your opinion is counted. We hope to make this an annual activity to help us evaluate our progress and identify areas in which we need to improve. Many of these questions repeat information we collected in 2014, providing a chance to review trends over time.

The survey has 16 questions and will take 10 - 15 minutes to complete. The board will review a compilation of all responses and will read all comments. Information will be collected only in aggregate and individual identity will be kept confidential. However, if you need an issue addressed directly, please provide your contact information and a board member will be in touch.

Please complete the survey by Sunday, November 17. Hearing from everyone is our goal.

We will share a report on what we heard from the congregation, based on all the responses that are submitted, then hold small group discussions to explore the themes together more deeply.

Thank you.

Your Board of Trustees:
Mimi Hennessy, President
Kevin Kroeker, Vice President
Andy Eaton, Treasurer
Joyce Wedseltoft, Secretary
Mary Fauvre-Holmes, Member
Eugene Hutchins, Member
Julian Juarez, Member
Bill Mejia, Member
Mirna Peterson, Member
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