2019 Northwestern University (NHSI) Chicago Summer Scholars Nomination
The Northwestern University Debate Society, National High School Institute and Chicago Debates are providing four select CDL students with full coverage of tuition and room and board for the 2019 Northwestern University High School Debate Institute as Northwestern University Chicago Summer Scholars.

These scholarships are valued at over $5,000 each and will enable four of our students to attend one of the nation’s very best high school competitive academic debate summer camps for four weeks. The Northwestern University Chicago Summer Scholars program has been taught by some of the finest and most accomplished debate instructors at the institute and in the nation. Northwestern University views the program as a recruitment mechanism; winning a scholarship could be a first step to attending Northwestern University after high school graduation.

The dates of the Northwestern University Debate Institute are June 29th – July 27th, 2019.

Who is eligible?

The Northwestern University Chicago Summer Scholars program is open to current 9th graders (students who will be in 10th grade in the 2019/20 school year). It is also only open to Blue, White, Maroon, and Red Conference students (RCC students can apply for regular financial aid from NU). Students entering 11th grade in 2019/2020 who are current 10th graders MAY be considered only if there aren’t four qualified 9th graders who apply.

Chicago Debates will recommend scholarship candidates to Northwestern based on two criteria:

(a) debate aptitude and ambition, particularly potential for the competitive level of regional and college-level debate; and
(b) academic performance in the classroom.

Nominations will only be accepted from CDL coaches. We will accept up to two nomination per school. The nomination deadline is Monday, May 20th, at 5:00pm.

The nominations will help the Chicago Debates staff make recommendations to Northwestern, but all students have to fill out a full application with Northwestern's National High School Institute (as well as the financial aid application). This is NOT an official application to NHSI's program. You can find that application here:


NHSI may decide that some students are not eligible for financial aid and can waive the application fee for students with financial need:

*Previous years' Scholars do not need to apply again on this Google Form, but must apply at the NHSI website and for financial aid as well.
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