BKR  Summer 2019 Internship Application
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Brooklyn Research Summer 2019 Internship Program
We have several internships for Summer 2019. Please fill out this form and we will be contacting you with further details.

The internships are unpaid, however, we are also running a paid fellowship program in conjunction with Tomorrow Lab, SecondMuse, and New York City Economic Development Corporation as part of the Futureworks program. See that application form here: https://www.tomorrow-lab.com/fellowship

We also gladly will fill any grant paperwork that may be applicable for the internship if you bring it to our attention.

Brooklyn Research is a non-profit interdisciplinary creative space focused on technological innovation. We provide a platform for established artists, technologists, and futurists to create engaging discourse and experimentation. Through innovative workshops, lectures, and group projects, we hope to build an empowered audience through an understanding of the technology that informs our daily lives.

The schedule for internships can be semi-flexible.

Possible internships are:
  a) research group internship which will require a minimum of three interns to commence
  b) documentation and media internship who will document projects in the studio and its members
  c) member / studio projects internship who will assist with internal and commercial projects
  d) digital and fabrication tools / devices assistant and documentation internship

All internships require that interns are self-driven and organized in order for the internship to be useful to both themselves and Brooklyn Research. Members of Brooklyn Research will provide consultation and some guidance and the studio will provide space and tools, but our experience is that best results come from interns who are able to have a greater degree of autonomy.

a) Research group internships will decide upon and primarily work on a single project over the course of the summer within a specific topic domain though up to 20% of internship time may be for other studio and studio members assistance. Your skills and interests will help drive the direction of the research group project and the project will culminate in a presentation to the general public at Brooklyn Research. The following research group topics and possible skillsets or roles for such are:

1) Research Group: Polyglot web / machine translation
 - Basic to advanced coding including web development, use of APIs
 - Web design / graphic design
 - General research and reporting
 - Multilingualism
 - Documentarian
 - Project Manager

2) Research Group: Video compositing / editing / narratives with game engines, depth cameras, stereoscopic cameras
 - Programming especially with streaming pipelines
 - 3D modeling
 - Narrative development
 - Game engine development
 - Documentarian
 - Project manager

3) Research Group: New forms of data representation: one data source, multiple outputs
 - APIs and data formatting
 - Electrical engineering and programming
 - Sound Design
 - Game engine development
 - Documentarian
 - Project manager

b) Documentation and media internships is geared towards helping with the studio and members document events and projects within the studio and to help create a stream of media in order to preserve and help project. Helpful skills may be
 - Experience with creating narratives
 - Wordpress experience
 - Graphic design
 - Image and video editing
 - Familiarity with social media platforms

c) Internal and commercial projects internship is geared towards working on the assortment of projects within the space and which projects these will be are dependent on the skillset and interests of the intern and what projects come in to the pipeline during this period of time. Some skillsets we have needed in the past are programming, 3D modeling, graphic design, digital fabrication, electrical engineering and circuit design, but not limited to only such.

d) Digital and fabrication tools / devices assistant and documentation internship is meant for the intern to spend an intensive duration of time researching and learning how to use specific tools within our studio and to document mini-projects as well as create documentation for use of that tool before moving on to a next tool. Potential tools / devices include laser cutter, CNC, vinyl cutter, digital embroidery machine, 360 cameras, HTC Vive, Notch, Large Format Printer, etc. The skillsets and interests of the intern will likely determine which tools to focus on, but there is a baseline requirement of good written English skills, some basic photo and video production skills, and the ability to organize documentation.

If you have any additional questions, please send an email to: info@brooklynresearch.org

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