STEM Solar Course Questionnaire
Please complete this form if you would like to be considered for the Spring, 2016 UNIV391: STEM in Solar Course
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Please rate your level of interest in this course for the Spring, 2016 semester. Keep in mind the course is 2-credits with a stipend of $500. The scale starts at 1 = Maybe and goes to 5 = Very interested.
Maybe - not sure can fit into schedule but interested in finding out more.
Very Interested - I would sign up now if possible.
Background information *
Please write below any relevant scientific background you bring to this course. This may include: environmental science, engineering and physics, environmental policy, and group project work. If background stems directly from course work please feel free to include course dept/# information..
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Working in Groups *
I feel very comfortable working in groups inside and outside of class.
Group Brainstorming and Project Creation *
I feel comfortable in a course that depends upon group brainstorming, group project creation, and group directed work toward its completion.
Mathematical Background: Please choose the answer which best fits your comfort level with mathematics. *
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