2018 Climate Leadership Awards
Second Nature’s 9th Climate Leadership Awards recognize innovation and leadership in climate action, including mitigation and resilience at signatory campuses of the Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitments. They do so based on demonstrated advances in climate innovation, cross-sectoral collaboration, and student preparedness.

Overall winners will be presented to one 2-year institution and one 4-year institution. To better accommodate the number and incredible diversity of applications received, and in an effort to further recognize outstanding institutions at different stages of their trajectory, we are expanding the Awards program to include three new categories: Student Preparedness, Climate Innovation, and Cross-Sector Collaboration. By showcasing winners in these individual categories, more campuses have a chance to be recognized and celebrated for their contributions.

Also new this year, signatories will have the opportunity to be featured on our "Top-5 Universities and Colleges to Watch in Climate Leadership 2019" list that will be publicized to the Network and our partners in January 2019. The list will consist of institutions that have promising projects that deserve to be shared with our community.

You will also have the opportunity to provide videos and photographs to support your application. By submitting these materials you give consent to Second Nature and USGBC to use for the promotion of your performance in the Climate Leadership Awards program and on our "Top 5 Colleges and Universities to Watch in Climate Leadership 2019" list. To submit additional materials, please contact asmith@secondnature.org

Second Nature offers these awards in partnership with the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

For questions please contact mmadia@secondnature.org

More information on the awards: secondnature.org/our-impact/climate-leadership-awards/

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Institutions may apply each year nominations are solicited. This question is for historical tracking purposes only.
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Nomination Criteria
Current active signatories of the Presidents' Climate Leadership Network may be nominated, (annual report(s) and dues must be submitted) To check the status of your institution, please email reporting@secondnature.org.
Nomination Text
Applications will be evaluated based on demonstrated climate leadership as evidenced by Student Preparedness, Climate Innovation, and Cross-Sector Collaboration. The questions listed under each category below are illustrative. Applicants are not required to address each illustrative question, but they are required to submit an answer for the three overall sections (Student Preparedness, Climate Innovation and Creating Opportunity).
Student Preparedness (max. 250 words) *
For example: How is your campus creating educational opportunities within and outside of the classroom to prepare students for climate change, and the new green economy? How is your campus addressing the academic and/or research aspects of the Presidents' Climate Leadership Commitments? What community partnerships have created experiential learning opportunities linking campus to community?
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Climate Innovation (max. 250 words) *
For example: In what creative ways has your campus invested in conservation, efficiency, demand reduction, and clean energy production? Have you partnered with utilities, suppliers, local communities, etc. to scale up investments in order to achieve greater GHG reductions? Have you helped accelerate the commercialization of clean energy technology through partnerships with startup companies?
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Cross-Sector Collaboration (max. 250 words) *
For example: How has your campus created new and effective projects, initiatives, or programs to educate, address, and prepare the campus and surrounding community to adapt to a planet that is changing as a result of climate change? How has your campus utilized its social, political, and institutional capital to reduce emissions not directly within the institution's control? Are you collaborating with other institutions on large-scale renewable energy procurement by aggregating electricity demand, and procuring together? Are you part of any coalitions that have pooled their efforts and resources to advance climate action (i.e. UC3, WASI, America’s Pledge)? Have you hosted a Community Resilience Building Workshop on your campus?
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