MVP Tryouts
I know, I know. You can't try out to be MVP; it's an earned title awarded by achievement. But you don't "register" or "apply" to be MVP either and I'm committed to a football theme, so JUST GO WITH IT, Okay?!

(P.S. Did you ever think you'd be able to try out for anything from the comfort of your recliner?!)
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Do you want to recover intimacy with your main squeeze? *
How would you rate your relationship today? *
We only communicate when we have to.
We are so connected; if I were my friends, I'd be jealous.
Can you say more about why you gave that rating? If you're not currently in a relationship, but want to work with me so you're ready next time you plan to sweep a lady off her feet, lemme know. *
Describe your ideal marriage. (aka, What outcome do you want from working with me?) It may have been a long time since anyone asked you what YOU want, so feel free to dream BIG here! *
Do you feel the pressure of being a man keeps you from telling your partner what you want/need in your relationship? (i.e. carrying the weight of finances, fears, and being strong for the rest of the family) *
Did you grow up in a household where you were told "boys don't cry," or "shake it off; don't be such a girl"? *
What keeps you from asking for what YOU need in your marriage? (Select all that apply) *
How long do you think it would take to regain that spark in your relationship? *
What methods have you already tried to regain connection with your wife? (Select all that apply) *
If you've tried 1:1, couples, or group therapy sessions, what worked for you? What didn't? *
And just for fun... Which magazine are you more likely to subscribe to? *
Do you have any additional comments or questions?
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Thank you for your time and thoughtfulness in answering these vulnerable questions. You will be notified shortly if The MVP program is the right next step.
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