ANGUS 2019 Feedback Form
This is a form to submit any comments and issues related to the ANGUS 2019 workshop as a whole or related to the culture and/or climate of our workshop. We welcome and strongly encourage any thoughts and concerns you have. Some examples may include:

- Snacks preferences that you would like
- If someone makes you feel uncomfortable or unwelcome
- Any issues that may come up in any capacity during ANGUS (e.g. in the dorms, during lessons, at meals, during evenings/lunch)
- Pacing of classrooms
- Any event that you witness

Note that Rocio Martinez-Nunez (, Marian Schmidt (, and Karen Word ( will see all submissions to this form. Please be welcome to contact them directly via email or direct message on slack.

A few things to consider in giving feedback:
* Would you like this to be anonymous? (If not, be sure to write your name down)
* Would you like us to follow up in some way? If yes, please feel welcome to provide suggestions on how you’d like us to follow up.

If you come across an emergency - please call the UC Davis police at +1 (530) 752-1230 or the City of Davis Police at 911.
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