Peace by Piece, Inc. Re-Entry Program Application for Second Chances Farm
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The purpose of this application is to assist Peace by Piece, Inc., a 501 (c ) (3) non-proft organization (“PbP”), who has been retained by Second Chances Farm, LLC (“SCF”), to make an informed decision as to whether this reentry and training program is a good fit for all.

SCF’s mission is to nurture plants and people, and our planet, one green thumb at a time. We will provide returning citizens with mentorship programs and green collar jobs at hydroponic, indoor vertical farms in economically distressed communities. Our vision is two-fold: to reduce our carbon footprint by growing food locally 365 days a year, while replacing recidivism with compassionate capitalism and turning entrepreneurs-in-residence into Agri-preneurs.

SCF is focused on hiring and giving turn-key entrepreneurial opportunities to returning citizens who after serving their sentences in prison are offered an “Entrepreneurs-in-Residence” program (“EIR”) that will enable them to become self-sufficient “Agri-preneurs.” SCF plans to produce organic food, year-round in “plant factories” in local communities and minimize the carbon footprint of transporting consumable goods.

With the help of PBP, SCF plans to break the cycle of recidivism, while commercially growing local, pesticide and herbicide-free produce in economically depressed areas and converting old buildings into eco-friendly plant factories. Our innovative, cooperative ownership structure offer a transformative, equitable, scalable, and game-changing solution to benefit returning citizens in underserved communities and Opportunity Zones across Delaware.

Second Chances Farm One will be the first indoor, hydroponic, vertical farm in Delaware. It will be located at 3030 Bowers Street in the Riverside Community of Northeast Wilmington, Delaware (“The Farm”). Our social enterprise solution supports alternatives to the revolving door in the criminal justice system, as well as protects our environment by growing food locally, eliminating the use of toxic chemicals, and utilizing less water than traditional soil-based farming.

This application process will be asking you to reveal your convictions, not for purposes of elimination of your consideration, but for purposes of which program site is appropriate for your placement. We expect that you may be under supervision by the court or probation office; therefore, we are prepared to assist you in meeting your obligations for supervision. This application will also enhance our goal to assist you in obtaining available social services.

PBP has entered into a contract with the Delaware Division of Social Services with regards to The Farm. Once you have been thoroughly vetted and approved by PBP, each potential applicant will be reviewed by the Delaware Division of Social Services Subsidized Employment Program (“DSS”). If the potential applicant qualifies for this 12-week program, DSS will authorize the following steps:

DePaul Temporary Agency will complete the following background check
- Social Security number validation
- Education (Highest Degree Earned)
- One county criminal (Seven Year/County of Residence)
- Statewide criminal (Seven Year)
- Federal criminal (Seven Year)
- Certification/license check
- 5-Panel Drug Screen
- Integrity, aptitude and/or attitude assessments-recommended for all based on Company Name's practices

DSS will identify and refer clients to DePaul Temporary Staffing Agency to participate in the TANF Subsidized Employment program with the PBP.

DSS and PBP will monitor the clients’ hours for compliance for the work requirements

DSS will submit timesheets for the leased Workers from PBP to DePaul Temporary Staffing Agency who will pay each worker up to $12 per hour for up to 12 weeks.

Cost for screening and drug testing will be completed by DePaul Temporary staffing agency.

If you successfully complete the TANF Subsidized Employment program with the PBP for the the initial twelve weeks, you will be paid $15 per hour for up to 12 months during the “Entrepreneurs-in-Residence” program (“EIR”).

We understand that you may be a person in recovery and our goal is to assist you in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, which may include us providing recovery services or assisting you in finding appropriate assistance. Please add additional information if you believe it will be helpful in us providing services that will help you succeed. We are committed to not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, age, type of crimes committed, length of supervision or disability, when accommodations will help you to successfully complete the requirements of this program.
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