Survey on Socket preservation
please answer the questions to know how the dentist preserve the socket after extractions
Q1- are you a ? *
If specialist what is your specialty:
Q2- what is your gender? *
Q3- are you working in? *
Q4- how many extractions do you perform in a month? *
Q5- do you know what happens to the alveolar ridge after extractions? *
Q6- have you read articles about socket preservation during and after extractions? *
Q7- do you routinely remove the granulation tissue by curetting the socket? *
Q8- what do you think socket preservation is helpful for? *
Q9- is the socket preservation the standard of care after extraction? *
Q10- how do you select a socket preservation technique? *
Q11-do you smoothen the bone after extractions? *
Q12- do you irrigate the socket with normal saline after extractions? *
Q13 – do you have an experience in preservation socket during extractions? *
Q14-do you know that extraction without socket preservation will increase bone loss? *
Q15- how much bone is lost in 1 year? *
Q16- how do you prevent that bone loss? *
Q17- do you know that socket preservation can be done in periodontally compromised areas? *
Q18- Do you routinely use bone grafts in your practice? *
Q19 – which materials you used in bone grafting?
Q20- how do you choose the ideal bone graft material for socket preservation?
Q21- what do you think the benefits of the bone grafting is? *
Q22 –should we cover the graft material by membrane and suture it? *
Q23- do you think the bone grafting during healing will help to preserve the socket? *
Q24- how many implants do you place in a month?
Q25- did you placed an implant immediately after extractions?
Q26- do you usually need ridge augmentation before placing implant?
Q27- do you believe that using socket preservation technique will reduce need for future bone augmentation before implant? *
Q-28- Do you believe that socket preservation should be emphasized more during undergraduate training?
Q-29 - Would you be interested in learning more about socket preservation techniques? *
Q-30 - If you are interested in future symposium on Socket preservation techniques kindly leave your name, mobile number and email address below
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