Thunder Ridge Grab-n-Go meals
This survey was created to get an accurate head count on how many people ages 1-18 who will use our Grab-n-Go meal service during the closure of our schools due to COVID-19. These free meals will begin on Monday, March 30th, pick-up sites are at the Kensington Grade school, Agra Middle School, and in Kirwin on the North side of the square. Choose ONE pick-up location. Serve times will be daily from 11:30-12:15. If you wish to PARTICIPATE, then please fill out this survey.
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For the health and safety of myself, family, and USD 110 staff, I will agree to keep all occupants in the car during meal pick-up. *
Meal pick-up times are 11:30-12:15, I know I need to be at my chosen school between that time frame. *
I understand that these precautions and rules are set by KSDE (Kansas Department of Education) and I agree to abide by the rules on this form. *
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