Chantilly High School All Night Grad Party Registration Form
Date: June 4, 2019
What is the cost?

August 28 - October 31, 2018 - $65
November 1 - March 31, 2018 - $75
April 1 - June 3 - $85
At the Door - $100 Cash Only

Attendance Guidelines
1. Who can attend‐‐Attendees MUST be 2019 graduates of CHS.

2. When to submit all forms ‐‐ All forms must be completed in entirety in order for graduates to attend the party.

3. When should attendees arrive‐‐Check in of graduates begins at 11PM. Graduates should arrive no later than 12AM to join the fun. Graduates who arrive after midnight will not be admitted. In this case, the parent will be notified that the graduate arrived too late to attend the party and is returning home. If we have a ticket reservation and the student does not show at all, a call home will be made to confirm non‐arrival. While this is an all night party, graduates may leave but only after they have checked in with security and a parent/guardian is notified of the graduates's return home. Parents/Guardians, please provide working phone numbers on the authorization forms.

4. Refunds‐‐There are no refunds.

5. What to bring to the party‐‐No need to bring a purse, bag or backpack. When you check in you will be given a bag for your things as well as prizes that you may earn during the party. The bag remains in the security room until you leave the party.

6. No outside food or drink is permitted.

7. What to Wear ‐‐Wear a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers or other comfortable shoes and clothing.

8. Graduates are expected to behave appropriately and in a respectful manner, as stipulated by the Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&Rs.) Any graduate behaving inappropriately will be asked to leave and the parent/guardian will be notified.

9. Graduates requiring medication and/or supplies must complete and return the MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION FORM.

Attendance Guidelines Aknowledgement *
Parent Authorization and Acknowledgement of Risk
By entering your digital signature below, the graduate and their parent/guardian agree to the following:

The ANGP is a PTSA, school‐sponsored event. All the provisions in the Fairfax County Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&Rs 2018‐2019 Student Rights and Responsibilities) apply to the event.

The graduate and their parent/guardian are responsible for the graduate’s actions.

We have read and agree to the attached attendance guidelines.

The parent/guardian and graduate agree to respect and accept the decision made by the ANGP committee and its volunteers regarding any actions pertaining to the graduate and the attendance rules.

The parent/guardian MUST be available by phone throughout the night.

A graduate suspected of being intoxicated by alcohol or drugs or smells of alcohol or drugs during check in will NOT be allowed to attend the event. If a graduate is suspected of intoxication during the event, he/she will be removed. In the event of such an issue, the student will be held in a separate area and CHS security personnel (including safety resource officers on duty) will be notified. The parent/guardian will be asked to pick up the graduate and transport him/her home.
The graduate WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE HIMSELF/HERSELF HOME and will be held until the parent/guardian arrives.

Any graduate who causes a disturbance during the event will be asked to leave. Disturbances include physical fighting, yelling angrily at another graduate or adult in attendance, stealing, improper touching as defined by the SR&Rs, and any destruction of property. The parent/guardian of the graduate will be asked to pick up the student and take him/her home.

We, the digitally undersigned, hereby release and agree to hold the Chantilly High School PTSA, the 2019 ANGP Committee and its volunteers, employees, and other officers, staff members, and agents blameless from any and all claims that may arise from my use and/or my child’s use or presence on and at such premises and activities. To the best of our knowledge, the graduate/my child is physically able to safely participate in this celebration and all of its activities.

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