KIMEA 2019-2020 Membership Form
Membership is open to all. Membership fees are 50,000w/year. Membership runs from August 1st to July 31st.
Personal information will not be sold or distributed by KIMEA to any third parties.
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Standard and Life Memberships will enable to students at your school or in your studio the ability to enter KIMEA Sponsored activities: Solo & Ensemble, National Honor Festival, etc...
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Payment Information - Wire Transfer Preferred
Once the form is completed, send your payment either by wire or cash payment. Due by date of first KIMEA event you attend.

By Wire Transfer:

1.a. Wire payment fee to:

5620-6600000-859 (KRW only)
Chadwick International School (채드윅국제학교)

Preferred - From a phone app/ in person at the bank:
1.b. On your transfer, add a "memo" or "Note to Sender" adding your first name and last name to your wire transfer in English. This is for accurate tracking of membership payment given that English names sometimes don't get Hanguelized clearly via local bank systems.

1.b.Transfer from an ATM - Additional information needed below

By Cash:
1. In a school envelope, please bring exact change of your registration payment marked with your first and last name and the title "KIMEA MEMBERSHIP PAYMENT" for accurate recording of payment.

2. Deposit labeled envelope to the KIMEA Treasurer, at the opening of the National Conference. Members are responsible to ensure their payment is received by KIMEA otherwise participation in events may be restricted.
ATM Wire Transfer Information
If possible, please include identifying information like timestamp, bank, account number and your name in this answer so the Treasurer can associate your registration with the appropriate payment.
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