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We are so glad you are interested in working with Spring Forward to teach youth about climate change. We have 40 - 60 minute lessons to lead in your class or camp and if you would like to do even more we would love to work with you to implement a series of lessons into your classroom/camp in a way that works best for the community. Please check out our brochure to learn more.


We realize this is a challenging time especially for teachers who have to switch to a completely new learning environment. We have begun shifting our lessons to work over video conference platforms and we would love to plan a virtual lesson call with your class.

Whether you just want to know more and have a call before deciding if we will teach a lesson, or know exactly what you want, fill out this form and we will be in touch.
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There are many different ways to work with us. We want to do what is best for your community, so we are happy to working together and find the best way to implement climate curriculum into your school. We have a variety of lessons for different age groups, each with a slide show, activities, worksheets, and a detailed plan on what the lesson would look like. We are adding content every day so if you have any suggestions or specific lessons you would like in your classroom please let us know at springforwardclimate@gmail.com
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