Factors Influencing Decision-Making Research
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Participant Information
My name is Dr. Kevin Thomas and I’m a senior researcher in the Department of Psychology at Bournemouth University. I am organising this research study to better understand the factors that might affect people’s decision making such people’s beliefs and motivations..

The Study - Risks & Benefits

The study is conducted online and participation in it involves completing a questionnaire relating to what is important to you in life, answering 7 simple multiple choice questions as well as providing some information relating to your age and gender. Participation should take approximately 10 minutes.

There are little or no risks associated with participation.  Participation is entirely voluntary and you may withdraw at any time without submitting data at any time prior to completion and submission. While your opinions are sought, the questions are not invasive or designed such that they are likely to cause stress or the sense that one is being judged.  

Benefits of participation are personal and societal: you are entitled to receive a free psychometric profile based on your responses that will enhance your self-awareness and understanding of your motivational system, and you will be contributing to research that promises to help us better understand the unconscious biases that affect human decision-making at all levels of society.

As mentioned above, as an additional ‘thank you’ for your time, all participants supplying their email address will be sent a free profile of their motivational systems based on their responses, accompanied by a DIY interpretation guide.

Will my taking part in this study be kept confidential?

Nobody except for the researcher will be allowed to see your responses to the items that are on the questionnaire and in the study you will be known only by number, meaning that any information you supply will be totally anonymous. This also means that the information you supply is completely confidential with only broad trends within the data you supply being reported by the research team.

Your participation is voluntary and you can withdraw at any time up to the point at which you complete and submit the questionnaire without giving a reason.

Who to contact

You are welcome to print a copy of this page for your reference. If you would like to discuss any aspect of the research, please feel free to contact my colleague Neil Griffiths via email at: dnanlg@gmail.com

If you have any complaints about the study, you should contact Professor Tiantian Zhang who is Deputy Dean for Research and Professional Practice of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Bournemouth University. Keith’s contact details are as follows.

Address: Faculty of Science and Technology, Bournemouth University, Talbot Campus, Fern Barrow, Poole. Dorset. BH12 5BB.

E-mail: researchgovernance@bournemouth.ac.uk
If you have any questions about how we manage your information or your rights under the data protection legislation, please contact the BU Data Protection Officer on dpo@bournemouth.ac.uk.  Once you have submitted your survey response it may not be possible for us to remove it from the study analysis, as this might affect our ability to complete the research appropriately or the accuracy and reliability of the research findings.

This study has been reviewed and approved in line with Bournemouth University’s Research Ethics Code of Practice.

Participant Agreement Form
Please indicate your agreement to take part in the study by clicking on the ‘Yes’ button for each of the following five questions.
I have read and understood the Participant Information for the study. *
I understand that my participation in the study is voluntary. *
I know that I am free to withdraw from the study without giving reason and without there being any negative consequences.  (Remember, to withdraw from the study, simply close the server browser.  However, once you have completed and submitted the questionnaire we are not able to remove your anonymised responses from the study.) *
I confirm that I have had the opportunity to ask questions about the study. *
I agree to take part in the study. *
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