Giftapalooza 2018 Donations
You'll be happy to know we gifted 43 families during our event last year.
We were just short of $4,250 on gifts for children in need and it was EPIC! Thank you all so much for your donations.
If you are new to this here is a rundown of how Giftapalooza works: I create an event for Giftapalooza and invite as many people as I can (you should, too!). Beginning on December 5th, I post wish lists for children in need from within our community. (Children of reader famiies, author families, and blogger families.) If you choose to donate an ebook, paperback, giftcard, or swag--these will be used as thank-you gifts for our Santas who purchase gifts off said wish lists.

I hope you will join us! To learn more about Giftapalooza, please visit The Giftapalooza Headquarters. or check out our brand new website!

Thank you,

Tonya Ridener (T.E. Ridener)
Giftapalooza Founder
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