Sunset Mist Park Merchant Form (JUNE)

SUNSET MIST event start every 10th of the month 8am SLT til the end of the month 12 mid SLT. Seasonal Theme for each month is applied.

Please read Terms and Condition before you apply ( Updated as of March 1, 2018)
● Updated, good quality vendors and items
● At least 1 new UNRELEASED Item to be exclusively sold @ Sunset Mist Park for the duration of the event.
● Can display 15 prims / LI will be alloted to merchant.
● 500L Designer fee per round. Non negotiable and non refundable.
● Fee will have 3 days deadline payment upon receiving your acceptance/participation confirmation.
● Optional but highly recommended to display new release item(s) from Main store.
● Must have a group slot for designers group.
● Designer is required to send their Full perm Exclusive Ad to Sunset Mist Designers and Bloggers group
● Must display Sunset Mist kiosk at your store.
● Gift is optional, can be price to 0-10L
● 2 gacha(s) allowed
● Set your prices accordingly to your standard. This is not a discount store. (Except during Seasonal Sale event)
● Please make sure to abide LL TOS .
● Failure to follow the rules will be reprimanded accordingly

You will get notify and will receive a details after processing your application.

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Mainstore SLURL (Put Marketplace URL for no In-world Mainstore
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