i.試飲即飲飲品訪問 v4 Beverage Tasting Review V4
訪問詳情 Review content :
Research company will contact the eligible candidate to have a quick check. Please answer to the call.
- 公司甄選電話主要為:2102/ 2837 / 2117 字頭 ,請小心“小熊來電“會攔截,以致無法收到甄選電話。🙏
Contact phone number will start with 2102/ 2837 / 2117. Please be mindful that Ad-block app may block the call.

To apply:
- 請留意上述要求,填妥以下表格報名,暫時無須提供任何證明。
Please pay attention to the requirements above and fill in the application form, no prove required.
1. When company received the application, if eligible, the company will call you to verify and confirm your information.
2. For shortlisted candidate, company will call you again to confirm the date/time and provide a briefing.
3. You will receive the cash cheque once completed the review session.

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