Mecklenburg County Public Schools - End of Year Parent Survey 2021-2022
Dear MCPS Parent/Guardian,
We would appreciate you taking a few minutes to complete this Parent Survey for your student's school. Your feedback is valuable as we work toward continual improvement and plan for the next school year. You may complete one survey for each school your student attends.

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Please select the school for which you would like to complete this survey? *
Indicate the grade level of your student for which you are completing the survey. *
Do you or your student know how to do the following? *
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Find student's schedule
Find student's assignments and materials
View student's grades
Contact student's teacher for academic help
Report problems that may arise, including bullying, threats, or safety issues
Complete and monitor your student's individualized educational plan and pathways to graduation
Change your contact information
How would you rate the school this year on providing each of the following components? *
Very Satisfied
Somewhat Satisfied
Don't Know/NA
High-quality instruction
Positive learning environment
Regular communication about student academic performance
Necessary support based on student performance
Safe learning environment
How would you rate the school climate in each of these areas? *
Very Satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Don't Know/NA
Environment is safe and welcoming.
Staff is friendly and helpful.
School spirit is evident.
Expectations are clearly communicated.
Consequences for misconduct are fair and consistent.
School staff encourages you to be involved in your student's education.
How would you rate the school's communication/outreach in these areas? *
Very Satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
Don't Know/NA
Encouraging parent and community input for school improvment
Sharing information about the school and school events
Responding to phone calls, emails, a timely manner
Informing families of parent and student resources available through MCPS websites
MCPS websites/social media: Ease of Use
MCPS websites/social media: Availability of useful information
What workshops/events would you like to see be provided or continued by the school? (Check all that apply) *
Which tool(s) do you think are helpful ways for the school to communicate with you? (Check all that apply) *
What has been your overall level of satisfaction with your experiences at the school this year? *
How can we further improve? Please feel free to add any additional comments.
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