Transfer Request
The purpose of this form is to add or remove a crew member to a ship/station's crew roster. A CO or XO also use this form to transfer a crew member from one branch to another.

This form is to be used ONLY by a ship or station's Commanding Officer or their delegates. Acceptable delegates might include the ship's Executive Officer, Second Officer or Captain's Yeoman. Crew members may not assign or unassign themselves from a ship's roster.
1. This is a *
2. Date request is active from *
3. NAME and SSC of the crewmember you want to transfer *
4. You are the CO/XO of what Ship of the Line? *
5. Your Official UFS Name(Not Display name) *
6. If the crewmember is LEAVING your Ship please choose one of the following: Sector 99 (Active and Unassigned) or AWOL. If you transfer the crewmember TO your Ship then select the name of your ship. *
7. What is the branch of this UFS Member? *
8. What ROLE PLAY position will this crewmember have on your Ship? *
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