Input on use of Federal COVID Funds
The Federal and State Government requires schools to survey parents regarding services and programs to support students with in-person learning in the COVID environment.
We are asking you to complete this short survey that will provide us with your input as we prepare COVID
budgets to support students during the next two school years. Your answers will remain anonymous.
Please select the category that describes you best with your relationship to the school
Please select the school(s) that your child(ren) attend.
Which of the following learning recovery services would you have your child participate? (All of these are outside the normal school day)
Which of the following programs would you like to see added to the school day to address learning gaps?
Which teacher initiative would you see as valuable for RASD?
With no "distance learning" option this year, what do you feel would be the most beneficial for students that are absent for multiple days?
The top 5 priority items for COVID funds have been identifies as:  1.  Addressing learning loss/recover, 2.  Supporting the physical and mental health needs of our students, 3.  Funding mitigation supplies and costs, 4.  Retaining and Hiring quality employees, and 5.  Offsetting financial loss of the district due to COVID.                                                                                         Please list any other priorities that you think should make this list.                                                                                                          
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