Wildlife Rescue Nests Volunteer Application
Interested in joining our efforts in providing nests to wildlife rescues around the globe? You must submit this form and a sample of your work, using the guidelines provided below, before being considered to receive an invitation to register with us and access our resources.
Please complete this application to be considered to receive an invitation to register with us as a volunteer. This is NOT a registration to our website or to access our resources. If volunteers are needed and your completed application is selected you will be contacted by the Wildlife Rescue Nests Admin Team and will receive an invitation to join our website via the email address you provide below.
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What skill level of crocheter or knitter are you?
1. Use our trusted patterns and guidelines to construct all nests. There are many versions of these nests floating around on the internet; however, our patterns were developed and tested with the help of professional wildlife rehabilitators to prevent injuries to their animals and to ensure their utmost safety. The rescue centres and rehabilitators that we serve expect a high level of quality, and we take great pride in the fact that they trust our nests to safely provide warmth, comfort and security to the wildlife in their care, and we hope you do too! Our patterns are also copyrighted and are not be shared outside of our organization, this helps to ensure the nests being sent to the wildlife rescues on our mailing list are of the best quality.
2. Register all nests you send to wildlife rescues on our mailing list using our "Nest Registration Form". This is essential, as it keeps our records up-to-date on the types and sizes of nests that are still needed.
3. Log-in regularly to the website to keep up on any news or updates and avoid having your account de-activated. All volunteers are expected to stay active on the WRN website. The website automatically deletes all accounts that have been in-active for more than a one month period, this helps keep our website up-to-date with volunteers that are actively participating in the project. Volunteers who let their accounts lapse and be deleted will be re-evaluated before gaining re-entry to the website.
All of our nests require high tension to ensure the nests are made tightly. Below is a sample of the tension that is required for the nests to be safe.
Crocheted sample:
Knitted sample:
Are you capable of attaining the tension needed to produce a safe nest?
We will require you to also submit a sample of your skills. Please make a 5"x5" square using TWO strands of medium weight yarn (also known as... yarn weight (4), worsted, afghan or aran) Acrylic, wool or cotton may be used.
***single crochet stitches with a 4mm(G) crochet hook, crocheting through both loops for each stitch or ***stockinette stitch for knitters with 5mm needles (please note: knitted nests are made on 5mm double pointed needles or circular needles
Once you have a sample complete, please submit your photos to wildliferescuenests@gmail.com with your name and "sample swatch" in the subject line. This is now a required step for all new volunteers. This is to confirm you have the tension required to produce safe nests, as we take the safety of the wildlife using our nests very seriously. You will not be approved to volunteer with us until this step is completed.
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