Men vs Cosplay 2013 Wrap Up/Input - Help us plan our next project!
Please help us plan for the coming year! Instead of a 3-4 month crunch that his year was, we have more time to plan. :)
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Your Website, Facebook, etc?
For those who have the calendar: Did you have a favorite month(s)?
Calendar months recap is here:
Calendar price: Was it affordable to you?
We broke even on this run with supplies, shoots, printing, shipping, etc. We over-spent on international shipping in some spots, but it wasn't too bad. So, we learned a lot to apply for next year. How was the cost for you?
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What cosplay genre would you want to see next time?
Wall Calendar vs Desk Calendar?
Would you want another wall calendar (12-18 months, same size), or a one-a-day desk calendar with 365 guys featured (like this one, with guys instead of cute animals
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[FOR COSPLAYERS] 365 Day Calendar: Would you be willing to participate and be featured in the calendar even if you didn't get a free one?
For a 12-18 month calendar, we can afford to budget and provide those involved a free calendar. At 365, we could not afford that. At 365, we can feature a LOT more guys, but we sadly cannot give away that many calendars to cosplayers involved. Would that be OK for you?
[FOR POTENTIAL SPONSORS] Would you want to participate in swag giveaways?
We mailed out 450 packages our first year, and gave away stickers (sponsored by Phoenix Gaymers) and discount codes (sponsored by Geek Lurv). Do you have a company you'd like to promote to Men vs Cosplay fans? We don't charge sponsors who want to give stuff away to our fans. :)
Would you like to participate more next year?
While I put this project together, it could have not been accomplished without the amazing group of people that helped me out.
What kind of expanded content would you want to see in the future, on male cosplayers?
I would like to post more content on the site - convention write-ups, cosplayer interviews, tutorials.
What kind of Men vs Cosplay swag would you buy?
I'm a geek for swag! But it's hard to decide what to make. Help!
General Comments and Questions
You are also always welcome to email us at :)
Would you back another calendar for next year?
We are definitely doing another calendar Kickstarter in 2014. :)
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