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Here at 911 LIFE with the International Training and Equipping Center (ITEC) we have two courses, the one-week Missions Intensive and the one-month Radical Love.  Through these two courses we cultivate the presence of God, seeing His hand move in dramatic ways as we reach the lost, the outcasts and the throwaways of society.  His contagious love infects us and enables us minister in the love and power of the Holy Spirit.

The International Training and Equipping Center (ITEC) will train and equip believers from Colombia and around the world in how to love, minister to and serve those who are least valued by society. This is focused on missions and reaching the lost for Jesus.
Our purpose is to impart the missionary heart that God has given us to others around the world. In the future, we would like to be part of training and sending Colombian missionaries to the darkest parts of Colombia and throughout the world.
Our goal is to activate believers worldwide to walk in God’s contagious love, and to live out a missional, Christ-centered life.

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