The form for sending abstracts for the National Scientific Conference "Nauka, Badania, Rozwój"
In order to send an abstract for the National Scientific Conference "Nauka, Badania, Rozwój", which will take place in Warsaw on October 27, 2018, please complete the form below in accordance with the instruction.

If it is in doubt, please refer to the example (

Notes on completing the form:
1) Please DO NOT fill in the form with capital letters.
2) If all authors represent the same institution please DO NOT enter numbers with names and affiliation (ie. please do not enter (1), (2)).
3) Please note the order in which the authors are entered, as they will be entered in the abstract in the order in which they are placed in the form below.
4) In the case of several authors, please indicate the correspondance author with the * symbol inserted after his name.

Thank you.

Promovendi Foundation.

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In the system: name surname (1), name surname (2), ..., name surname (X). The affiliation numer on brackets.
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In case of different affiliations of authors, each of them should be preceded by a number in parentheses, e.g. (1), (2)
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