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What is your current language level in this language that you are learning?
For how many years have you been studying this language?
Are you living in a country where people speak the language you are learning?
What way of learning the language are you currently using?
How do you translate the words you don't understand in texts written in the language you are currently learning?
Do you use a dictionary application / website? If so which? Do you use a browser plugin? If so which?
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What is your current motivation for trying out the Zeeguu apps?
What is your usual web browser?
Do you have a website that you visit frequently from your computer, even if you feel that you should be visiting it less?
This info is optional even if it is very relevant for a later study. Answering it now would be cool!
Which of the following are interesting for you as a means for reading new texts in your learning language?
In the current study we are interested in people who want to read on their iPhone, IPad or in their Chrome Browser. In the future we will run another study for those who use other browsers, or other types of mobile devices.
Would you be willing to spend at least 15 minutes every day studying your second language with Zeeguu?
Do you have reading sources online (e.g. blogs, news, etc.) that you enjoy reading in the learned language?
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Do you have topics (e.g. sport, culture, travel) that are more interesting for you to read about?
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How did you find out about Zeeguu?
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