Reviewers & Media Requests
Greetings, human!

PLEASE NOTE: Roxley gets many more review requests than we are able to assist with. We may or may not be able to work with you for a wide variety of factors, including existing marketing and sales partnerships, product supply and demand, limited time frames, etc.

However, we will help if we can!

The next step in your quest depends on which Roxley product you are inquiring about:

* For Dice Throne games/products, please send an email to Aaron Waltmann at

* For Santorini & Santorini: New York: these are published and distributed under license by Spin Master, who can be reached at

* For inquiries about all other Roxley games & products, please reach out to Kira Peavley at

FOR ALL INQUIRIES: Please note that our egg minions are easily confused, so including ALL of the following information in your email will best assist us in processing your request.

* Your full name
* The name of the channel/website/show/publication you represent
* A brief description of your usual audience/target market (1-3 sentences is fine)
* Links where we can find out more (website, social media, YouTube/Twitch channel, etc.)
* The average number of readers/listeners/viewers of your work
* How much time do you typically need to properly evaluate a game before reviewing it
* How many times you typically play a game before reviewing it
* The complete shipping address that any review copy should be sent to
* Telephone number (this is *required* for shipping purposes).

Thank you for wanting to work with Roxley.

Keep rollin' sixes!
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