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If currently there is NO CALL to apply for our festivals, you can decide to leave your unsolicited application here. Sometimes new events come up or artists have to cancle their participation and we have to make a quick choice. But NOTE: an unsolicited application does NOT replace a proper application when we open the next call (usually in November)!

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(multiple answers possible if more than 1 person with different entry conditions)
Note: If you do not have an EU citizenship, residence permit or a long-stay-visa - the "VISA RUN / BORDER HOP" officially won't work if you're trying to prolong the maximum stay (usually 90 days Schengen-stay within the last 180 days). So leaving Europe / Schengen and coming back does actually not help. Yes, in practice it sometimes works, but please do not confirm your participation in festivals when your stay at this time will depend on luck. Thank you.
Schengen area
Unfortunately we can’t guarantee for vegan breakfast in the hotels and for vegan lunch and dinner! Also special dietary requirements (intolerances) we can only forward to our caterers, but we can’t guarantee for the implementation. But we know, that good food is important for good performances, for power and good mood. So we do our very best.
... of us also eat meat and fish
... of us also are vegetarian
... of us eat vegan (sorry we can not guarantee vegan catering)
Other dietary requirements
Please introduce your show.
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Short promotion-text
(up to 350 signs) - Promote your show (maybe also yourself) in a very short text for our promotion (website, program-booklet, ...). If you have a German text, please don't translate it into English - otherwise we have to re-translate it ;-)
Promo-video (link) *
Additional-video (optional)
Additional-video (optional)
Type of performance *
In the show I / we use ...
After nightfall you most probably can perform no more than 2 fireshows. So rain that comes up in the evening is a risk for you and us - do you perform a daylight-show too?
Requirements and needs
... to create the best possible schedule for all of you.

In case of rain, some you may be able to deal with it as long as the rain is not to hard. of our host-cities we have some more or less weather-proof outdoor-pitches like roofs, covered stages, canopies or sometimes we can transfer a part of the festival to indoor-pitches like city-theaters. There maybe you have to perform shorter shows (slots of 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes), so more artists can use the indoor-spot. Are you able to deal with cobblestones, less space, less hight, rain, ...?
Note: Sometimes buskingspots are on cobblestones! *
Captionless Image
Performing space *
Minimum space-requirements for your regular outdoor-street-performance (without space for audience)
Hight *
Required minimum-hight of the busking pitch for your regular outdoor-street-performance
Rainy weather: Space *
Minimum space-requirements for your NOT-regular performance on an "emergency-pitch" / indoor-pitch (without space for audience)
Rainy weather: Hight *
Required minimum-hight of the busking pitch for your NOT-regular performance on an "emergency-pitch" / indoor-pitch
In case of bad weather
Duration of our regular performance *
... minutes
Duration in case of bad weather
In case of need we can perform a shorter version of our show: about ... minutes (maximum 30 minutes)
Technical requirements
Please note: the festival organizers do NOT provide amplifiers. If you can't bring your own, please contact us - maybe we can help you to find a shop where you can rent one. Usually we provide electricity on every pitch and 2 LED-lights for every evening show.
We use amplification *
We need electricity (220 V) *
Other special needs for our performance
If you think it is important to send us a technical rider, please send it per email to
Furthermore ...
What else I wanted to say
After sending your application, you will receive an automatically generated copy of it to the e-mail-address you declared. If you don't receive it, something went wrong (spelling mistake in your own emailaddress you filled in at the beginning?). In that case, you are kindly requested to try it again. Thanks!

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