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We will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within a day or two.
Are you enrolled at a London or Kingston University at the moment? *
Being a Mindtor is a great job for a student since it is part time and likely to be for the duration of the academic year.
Are you free to work from September/October 2018 or sooner?
Parents need help once school starts in September and some need help over the summer holidays.
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When will you graduate? *
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Which university do you study at? *
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How many afternoons are you likely to be free to work during term? *
Parents are looking for mindtors who can help at least two days each week through to the end of the school year. Often, they won't need help during the half terms and holidays.
How many school-children could you cope with?
Do you have any first aid training?
Please give details if you do.
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Do you smoke?
In general, people will not allow any smoking in the house.
Do you have a full UK driving licence?
You don't need one to be a mindtor, but some families will ask for a driver.
Do you have a second language?
If you do, please write what it is.
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Do you play a musical instrument?
If so, please let us know what it is.
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Which locations in London would you be willing to travel to?
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Have you had a criminal record check (DBS) within the last year?
You may need a DBS to be a mindtor and if so, we will pay for this.
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