DirtyFeet Choreographic Lab Application 2020
DirtyFeet is seeking applications from emerging choreographers for our 2020 Choreographic Lab Program. The Choreographic Lab provides a supportive environment where early career professionals can come together to explore their creative practice. The Lab builds relationships between artists, facilitates the development of methodology and skills, and can be the first steps towards the creation of new work.
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Choreographers will have access to:
- 2 weeks of studio space at ReadyMade Works, Ultimo NSW;
- A NSW-based mentor to offer guidance;
- Professional photographic documentation;
- Basic film documentation of your showing;
- A small studio sharing hosted by DirtyFeet on the final Friday of your Lab, 5 - 6pm.
- A $1000 choreographers stipend
- Any number of dance artists via an expression of interest process:
- Administration and management support.

Choreographers can work with any number of dance artists looking for professional development opportunities. The Choreographer will select from applicants via an expression of interest process. All artists are required to become “DirtyFeeters” (financial members of DirtyFeet) prior to the start of the Lab; https://www.dirtyfeet.com.au/dirtyfeeters-registration
Guidelines/Selection Criteria
The primary objective of the DirtyFeet Choreographic Lab is to provide space and support for choreographers to test their ideas or develop new work, gain experience and develop and maintain professional skills.

• The program is aimed at early career choreographers (in their first 5 years of practice);
• The project should be based in contemporary dance practices, and can include collaborations with other disciplines;
• The project can be at any stage of development, but preference is given to research or the creation of new work;
• The artists involved should be NSW-based artists, or artists who have a demonstrated practice in NSW.
Important Information
Applications must be received by midnight 30 March 2020.

Selected applicants will be notified of the outcome of the selection process by 6 April 2020.

Selection will be made by members of the DirtyFeet Board of Directors and industry professionals.

Please note there is only one round of submissions for the 2020 Choreographic Lab.

We encourage you to contact Elle Evangelista to discuss your project elle@dirtyfeet.com.au
The Application
Answers to all questions must be submitted. NB: Each long answer question gives you 1500 characters (approximately 200-250 words).
1. What *
An outline of ideas and concepts for the project.
2. Why *
Your motivations for wanting to create this work, what led you to this point?
3. How *
Outline your methodology, how will you explore your ideas and concepts once you are in the space?
4. Who *
The number of dance artists you would like to work with. If you are successful, DirtyFeet will make a callout for expressions of interests from dancers. If you would like to invite specific dancers or collaborators from other disciplines to work with you they can apply via this process.
5. When *
Please select your top 2 preferences of the following options (use "other" for any further detail):
6. Timeframe *
Please nominate your preferred working schedule within this timeframe: 2 weeks Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm (on Tuesdays the space is only available from 12pm until 7pm due to the space being used for Independent Dance Classes (which you are welcome to attend for warm up).
7. Mentor *
Who would you like as a mentor and why? Mentors do not need to be confirmed in your application; DirtyFeet will assist in connecting you with your chosen mentor. Please note: mentors should be NSW-based or have a practice in NSW.
8. Aims *
What you want to gain from the program?
9. Visions *
How will this Choreographic Lab impact your work or practice? What is the Choreographic Lab a stepping stone towards?
10. Description of your work *
40 - 50 words, will be used to promote your Lab if successful to dancers in our Expression of Interest promotions
11. Integrated dance practice *
Would you be open to integrating your process, working with artists with and without disability? This will be discussed further should you be successful.
Artist Biography (maximum 100 words) *
Name of Applicant *
Email of Applicant *
Phone Number of Applicant *
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