Board Member Application 2019
Young Clergy Women International is a network of the youngest ordained clergy women.

The YCWI Board is responsible for oversight of the larger group, raising funds and managing resources effectively, and strategically planning for the organization’s future. Some members of the board are also responsible for the production of our semi-weekly publication, Fidelia. Please note that the in-person board meetings are held in conjunction with the conference. Some scholarship money will be available for travel. Room and Board at the meetings are covered in full for a shared room.

It is expected that every YCWI Board Member will:

* Serve a three-year term
* Attend the annual Full Board Meeting in person (August 1-3, 2019, Atlanta, GA, USA) (room and board provided, some scholarships for travel costs available)
* Attend quarterly Full Board Meetings virtually (2-4 PM Eastern Time, October 24, 2019; January 23, 2020; April 23, 2020)
* Serve in one Work Group, with meetings at least monthly (Conference, Development, Community Life, Editorial)
* Make a yearly personal financial contribution to YCWI according to your ability
* Maintain a Gmail account for Board communications and a Facebook profile for community support and connection (internal, organizational emails can be provided)
* Demonstrate dedication and commitment to YCWI’s mission and serve in accordance with our stated policies and handbook
* Please understand, being a board member changes the manner in which you participate in the Secret Facebook Group, as you represent the organization, as well as yourself, in this role.

If a board member fails to meet these expectations, their board membership will be taken up by the Executive Committee for consideration.

All board members must be YCWI members for at least 6 months before applying, and they must not be older than 37 at the beginning of their term (August 2019).

We are so glad you are considering applying to join the leadership of our organization! We believe that YCWI offers a significant gift to young women in ministry, and that board service is both a way of giving back and enjoying a greater level of involvement with YCWI.

Applications are due March 15, 2019, and you can expect to hear back from YCWI leadership in regards to next steps before March 20, 2019.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Sarah Hooker, Emily Brown, & Bre Roberts
Co-Chair, Interim Co-Chair, & Vice Chair, Young Clergy Women International
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Board member communication and meetings are done via Gmail and Google Drive, so all Board Members must have a personal Gmail account or request an organizational Google account.
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Do you identify as a woman of color? All of the demographic information we collect is used to help the board better understand who’s in the organization. Additionally, at least one board seat in each class is reserved for a woman of color.
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