Year 7 Sport Education Selections and Excursion Consent Form for 2021.
Dear Year 7 Student,

In 2021 you will be involved in Sport Education on Monday afternoons. This subject is a separate subject to Physical
Education and it involves selecting a sport for each term and either competing, or improving skills in a non-competitive sport.

This site has been designed to assist you in the selection of your preferences for each Term.

Please take note of the following directions when considering your sport:

• Each Term must have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd preference (selected via the drop-down menu for each Term).

• You may repeat a preference in a different Term, but you may participate in that sport only ONCE in the year.

Students must be responsible for and happy with their own selections.

The asterisk (*) next to the sport indicates that you may participate in the inter-school sport competition for that particular selection.
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