RCA Statement of Cooperation
School Tuition is billed on the 1st of each month and due by the 10th of that month. There are several payment options available to families. A late fee will be assessed to your account on the 11th day of the calendar month. If your account is not current by the 25th of the month you will be in default and lose your school and after school privileges.

Registration fees are charged annually, by the first week of June to secure your students enrollment.

Payment options: The RCA business office accepts cash, checks, credit and debit cards for payment on accounts. The Business office needs to secure your account for the current academic school year with a debit card, credit card or checking account number that will be kept on file with the business office. If payment has not been made by the 11th then your form of security for the account will be charged

Weekly Accounts: Persons who wish to pay weekly will be billed on Monday of each week. Payment will be do by that Wednesday of the same week, if payment has not been made by Wednesday 6:00PM, your account is considered past due and a late fee will be assessed. The Business office needs to secure your account for the current academic school year with a debit card, credit card or checking account number that will be kept on file with the business office. If your account is 10 days past due after being billed on Monday you will lose childcare privileges and not be able to return until your account is brought current and paid up through the following week.

K2 and Nursery: This is only for children enrolled in our Full-Time program are given a week (5 consecutive days) vacation. This is only good during a school year and you are only given this once.

All withdraws must be given in writing and RCA must be given 2 weeks notice.

All charges are due when added to the student's account. Payments will be applied to the oldest charges first. In no case will a payment be applied to a newer charge (including tuition or child care) if an older charge is past due.

School Business Hours are Monday-Friday (7:30 -3:30). During summer break, the School Business Office is open Monday-Thursday (8:30-2:00)

School Activities: We give permission of our Child (ren) to take part in any and all school activities, class field trips, including sports and school sponsored trips away from the school property, and absolve the school from liability to us or our child (ren) because of an injury to us or our child(ren) at school or during a school activity. In case of emergency or serious illness, we request the school to contact us first. If we are not available, please contact the designated emergency contact. If no emergency contact can be reached, the school has my permission to make whatever arrangements deemed necessary for our child(ren)'s treatment. If the emergency is life-threatening and we cannot be reached, the physician has permission to act accordingly absolving the school of any liability.

Discipline: We believed discipline is a necessary aspect of our child(ren)'s education. We giver permission for our child(ren)'s teacher and or administration to make and enforce classroom regulation in a manner consistent with Christian principles and discipline as set forth in Scripture. We understand that we have the responsibility to actively support the authority philosophy, objective, polices, procedures and discipline of the school as established by the Board of Directors.

Parental Commitment: We understand our Child(ren) is accepted on a general probationary status for the first quarter. We agree that we will not in any case complain to other parents, but will register only necessary complaints with the teacher or administration following the Matthew 18 principle. We pledge our full cooperation to keep doctrinal controversy out of the school. We agree to abide by the established policies. We also agree to support the school with our prayers and positive attitude.

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