Vaginal Health in CF Chapter Poll
Thank you for taking this poll! This is to help us write the vaginal health chapter of a resource guide about sexual and reproductive health for women with CF and their providers.
What questions do you want your providers to ask you? Please select up to 4.
What information do you want to give or questions do you have for your providers? Please select up to 4.
What peer peer advice is most useful? clever?
What research would you like to see completed in the future? Please select 4
Do you experience vaginal dryness?
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Do you experience pain during sex?
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This questions pertains to cervical mucus. Please select all that apply.
Do you ever experience yeast infections?
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If yes, when do you get yeast infections?
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If you successfully treat yeast infections, how do you treat them?
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Please write in any additional resources you have found helpful on vaginal health in CF
Do you have additional questions on CF vaginal health or peer advice to share?
Would you like to write a blog post on this topic? (It may be anonymous) If yes, please leave your email so the team can follow up.
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